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Monday, 19 June 2017


Just wanted to share something really special to me!!!
I had an idea!     I asked a friend to help!       Honoured my sisters!

A dear friend of mine Lola, makes the most beautiful coffee stained, Junk Journals and she gifted one to me at the beginning of the year!! (which I cherish)  My sister Bronwyn had admired it and the IDEA began!
Mothers Day was coming up and as my sisters and I had lost both our Mum many years ago and our Step Mum the year before last, I thought I would like to make a memento of us 3 sisters for Mothers Day!
The plan was to commission Lola to make two little journals and then I would fill them with photos and sister quotes!   Well firstly I needed to ask Lola - she was horrified and said she could not possible do that, (thinking her work was not good enough!!!)!  So my hopes to completed this project were dashed!! In the back of my mind I thought that maybe I could make them and leave it until next mothers day instead!!!
Mothers Day was coming soon and a visit to Lola's House was planned. WOW what a surprise I had waiting for me, two beautifully completed journals!! She had second thoughts, had a pity on her dear friend of 36 years and with lots of stress and angst did a beautiful job as usual!!!
It was going to take me much longer than the week, I had until Mothers Day, to complete the project, so it was a belated gift, for my sisters Gillian & Bronwyn!  
I made the little Elephant Bags for the journals to live in and had lots of fun picking out photos old and new to print in Sepia to match the coffee pages of the journal!   The quotes were fun to find on the internet too!

& Lola needn't have worried so much, BECAUSE everyone was really impressed and my sisters will cherish her little journal forever!!

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  1. Such a special handmade gift �� So great that you shared it on your blog Karen.....does Lola know?


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